US tour together with FLESH NARC:

12/04/18 Dallas, TX (US), Tradewinds
13/04/18 Denton, TX (US), J&J's Pizza
14/04/18 Shreveport, LA (US), Minicine
15/04/18 New Orleans, LA (US), TBA
16/04/18 Gainesville, FL (US), The Limin Room
17/04/18 Miami, FL (US), Churchill's
18/04/18 Macon, GA (US), Fresh Produce
19/04/18 Norfolk, VA (US), Charlie's Cafe
20/04/18 Richmond, VA (US), Crystal Palace
21/04/18 Washington, D.C. (US), Rhizome
22/04/18 Baltimore, MD (US), New American Diner
23/04/18 Brooklyn, NY (US), The Glove
24/04/18 Belchertown, MA (US), Cold Spring Hollow
25/04/18 Boston, MA (US), TBA
26/04/18 Brooklyn, NY (US), Secret Project Robot
27/04/18 Providence, RI (US), Machines With Magnets
28/04/18 Philadelphia, PA (US), Thunderdome
29/04/18 Harrisburg, PA (NY), The Underground Bike Shop
30/04/18 Pittsburgh, PA (US), Rock Room
01/05/18 Cleveland, OH (US), The Magalen
02/05/18 Oberlin, OH (US), 3 Door
03/05/18 Chicago, IL (US), Situations
04/05/18 St. Louis, MO (US), Foam
06/05/18 Denton, TX (US), Andy's
07/05/18 Dallas, TX (US), RBC

EU tour together with BRUTAL BLUES:

20/06/18 TBA
21/06/18 Leipzig (DE), TBA
22/06/18 Brno (CZ), Bajkazyl
23/06/18 Budweis (CZ), NAAB Fest
24/06/18 TBA
25/06/18 Vienna (AT), Rhiz
26/06/18 TBA
27/06/18 (FR), TBA
28/06/18 Paris (FR), Instants Chavires
29/06/18 Jallais (FR), Tapette Fest
30/06/18 Amien (FR), Accueil Froid
01/07/18 Lille (FR), TBA
02/07/18 Brussel (BE), TBA
03/07/18 Rotterdam (NL), TBA
04/07/18 Hamburg (DE), TBA